Editorial Team


  1. Derek T. Dietze, Improve CME, LLC, United States

Consulting Editors

  1. Wendy Turell, CME Outcomes and Analytics PlatformQ Health Education, United States
  2. Dr. Karyn D. Ruiz-Cordell, Director of Research HealthCourse, Inc. New York, New York
  3. Jason Olivieri, Manager, Educational Strategy & Outcomes Services Imedex, LLC Alpharetta, Georgia
  4. Dr. Erik D. Brady, Director of Analytics, Reporting and Outcomes Clinical Care Options Wake Forest, North Carolina
  5. Dr. Gary C Bird, CME Learning Strategist American Academy of Family Physicians Leawood, Kansas
  6. Ms. Sandra Haas Binford, [Contractor for] CME Outfitters, LLC
  7. Robert L. Addleton, Physicians’ Institute for Excellence in Medicine
  8. Jann T. Balmer, University of Virginia School of Medicine
  9. J. Gregory Carroll, Bayer Institute for Healthcare Communication, Inc.
  10. Steven B. Davidson, cmeMAX, LLC
  11. Nancy L. Davis, National Institute for Quality Improvement and Education
  12. Derek T. Dietze, Improve CME, LLC, United States
  13. R. Mark Evans, American Medical Association
  14. Amanda Glazar, Global Education Group
  15. Marcia J. Jackson, CME By Design
  16. Robert E. Kristofco, Pfizer, Inc.
  17. Richard F. Lamb, Complete Publication Solutions
  18. Michael R. Lemon, Postgraduate Institute for Medicine
  19. Pamela L. Mason, AstraZeneca
  20. Donald E. Moore, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
  21. Curtis Olson, University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Medicine
  22. Karen M. Overstreet, Instructional Design and Outcomes Medical Affairs
  23. Eric D. Peterson, Annenberg Center for Health Sciences at Eisenhower Medical Center
  24. Michael Reilly, Quest MedEd
  25. Judith G. Ribble, National Commission for Certification of CME Professionals, Inc.
  26. Michael L. Santiago, Novo Nordisk Inc.
  27. Hilary Schmidt, sanofi-aventis
  28. Jennifer S. Smith, TCL Institute, LLC
  29. Melinda Steele, Confluence Educational Consulting
  30. Brooke J. Taylor, William Beaumont Hospital
  31. Dennis K. Wentz, WentzMiller & Associates, LLC